Neon Box & Billboard di MahaMeru Bali
Pembuatan Signboard dengan Lampu Pencahayaan

Neon Box & Billboard di MahaMeru Bali

Neon Box / Light Signboard

Neon Box is a promotional advertising form for business company branding. Print on media backlite digital printing / cutting sticker / acrylic. Neon box more impressive interesting, because at night the media is lit overall to illuminate the visualization of the brand listed. Where the box inside there is a fluorescent lamp that is strung to the lighting from the inside. Frame used can be aluminum spray paint duco, aluminum profile or steinless steel

Billboard / Large Format Advertising

Billboard is a form of large format advertising campaign that is installed with a certain height. Billboard includes the most widely used outdoor advertising model. Billboard uses hollow iron material, elbow iron, pipe pole and has an aluminum or zinc plate and uses concrete cast foundation, and visualization can use large printing and for lighting more commonly use spotlights.