Printing Textile or fabric printing services in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia made from polyester and cotton with premium quality The design of the fabric is now faster and more exclusive. Many fashion designers, interior products and entrepreneurs choose printed fabrics or print textiles that begin to trend in the years to come. In addition to the faster process, digital fabric printing can be applied to many creative areas, such as accessories, furniture, art & craft, shoes, and more. How much do you know with this digital fabric printing? Basically, this technology allows printing done in several types of materials, such as satin, spandex, jersey, scuba, velvet, cotton, and thick canvas. The process after design is designed, will be printed with fabric printing machine, which can then be applied to many things. Digital printing Mahameru Bali provides print textile service with an easy process, whether in small size for your personal interest or in large size for your business. Custom print service iTenun Snapy can print sheet or meter that uses certified ink so that the results are more leverage. Snapy online also provides sample catalog that will be used as your reference material. No need to worry about the results because Snapy will give you a free print test (if the order is at least 10 meters) Design of fabric printing using 4 color system or Full color so as to produce millions of colors. Of course very profitable from the screen printing process that has limited color. The fabric design uses original textile garment ink because the result will be determined from the ink of good quality, other than the fabric type.
Digital Cloth Textile Printing at MahaMeru Bali
Fabric Cloth printing service with your own custom design

Digital Cloth Textile Printing at MahaMeru Bali

MahaMeru Bali Prints offers a digital cloth textile printing service on a variety of Fabrics including: satin, japan cotton, spandex, hyget, microfiber, velvet, chiffon, dryfit, jersey, BSY, drill, velboa. We cater to anyone with a creative vision – from textile artists, fashion and interior designers.  MahaMeru Bali print your design with unlimited color on your choice of fabric using direct to fabric printing technology.

You can print your photographs, personalized text, artwork on any fabrics from our range. We print on both Natural and Polyester fabrics such as cotton, linen and heavy weight fabrics.

If you know what you like, you’re confident and have your own sense of style, why not choose to invest in something tailor made, and unique to you?

** Minimum Order : 10 meter total ( allowed to use deference images) 

Put Your Design to Fabric Cloth

Creative digital textile printing for sleek and sophisticated solutions for fashion and interior designs, lead by passionate and uber progressive team that lives and breathes design. Variety of cloth type that you can choose to transform your artwork design on textile.

High Quality Digital Textile Print

By latest technology printer machine, high quality full color printing result that meets commercial standards to be your own arts apparel, swimwear, upholstery, soft goods, accessories, art conservation costume and theater historical restoration.

Shantung /Sturedo

Smooth and slippery front textured, fibrous lines. The material is a bit stiff


Similar with canvas but more subtle, fibrous lines. The material is rather thick


Smooth front texture and feathered back. Bending and cloth a bit thick


Smooth and slippery front textured, fine fibrous. Bending material

Scuba / Aglatex

The slick and rear horizontal lines textured. The material is a bit stiff.


Rather fluffy front textured, lines textured on back. Bending and rather thick.


Bright colors printed on Drill Polyester. The front texture is triangular, the back is smoother

Poly Canvas

More thickest type of canvas, compared to lynna and harlon. Thick and strong fiber.


Sandy textured on Chiffone material, thin & bending, front a bit rough and rear texture


Hicount Polyester Fabric, fibrous textured, pliable, thin and transparent


A type of crepe cloth with a tight fiber fabric textured, pliable and supple

Woll Peach

A kind of polyester fabric, tight fiber and pliable. Sharper and brighter colors print result


Perforated and transparent textured, thin material, commonly called tille Cloth.


Smooth surfaces fabrics, tight and thick fibers. The prints are sharp and bright


Mixture of polyester fabric, spandex and nylon. Smooth surface, soft and supple

Spandex (Chenna)

Mixture of cotton and spandex. Elastic and durable. Rather slippery textured


Canvas fabric with larger stitching texture, thick, strong and stiff fiber


Polyester cloth similar to cotton, fibrous material and supple

Satin Cavalli

100% Polyester, similar with satin velvet, matte color print result, soft texture and supple


Linen textured fabric, a bit thick but supple. smooth on front,  the rear is rather rough


Fabrics with square lines textured, smooth surface and supple

Satin Krovica

Soft textured on polyester fabrics, similar with Cavali satin but more glossy colors

Satin Esteraga

Polyester fabrics similar with Krovica satin, more thicker, stronger and rigid fibers

Satin Velvet / Valledo

Satin polyester fabric with matte surface / no luster, soft and supple

Microfiber / Dryfit

A mixture of polyester, spandex and nylon. Porous, soft & supple surface


Mixture of organic cotton fabric, polyester & spandex. Smooth, supple and thick


Fabrics similar with Invinite but more rough. Sandy textured, thin, pliable and supple