Flash Stamp with Ink Included


MahaMeru Bali offer the Self-inking stamp for daily office use offer with different sizes and shape.

Flash stamp is very practical to use, because it does not need to use ink pads, where the flash stamp the ink directly on the rubber stamp and can be refilled.

Stemple is available with round, oval and square shapes. Available ink base colors are: red, green, blue, brown, violet, black, yellow, orange, and mixed colors.

Order guide and requirement :

  • Size : 20 – 80 mm
  • For stamp more than 1 color : Do not make color design with very closer each other or the artwork position to overwrite one with the other.
  • Required minimum 2 mm space separated between the colors.
  • Recomended design in vector format. All text and logo must be in plain & block mode, set your design with all in back/white color.
  • There is no mix color or in gradient model
  • Send your artwork file in PDF format