Sticker Sandblast (Glass Sticker)
For Glass Cutting Sticker model

Sticker Sandblast (Glass Sticker)

Originally patterns were created on a surface – most often glass – by literally blasting the surface with sand. This is still done today, but the application of an adhesive vinyl that creates the same effect is far more prevalent. The principle reason for this is that it can be done on site, quicker and with the minimum of mess and disruption. This form of decoration and screening of areas whilst allowing the passage of light is finding more and more favour with the interior designer.

Patterns or your brand logo can be cut into the sandblast vinyl, the design options are virtually limitless and this enables designers and corporate institutions to have their image projected in many exciting ways.

Sandblast Shape Cut Sticker

  • Material : Vinyl Semi transparent
  • Cut & Size  : Custom
  • Printable : No
  • Not include installation fee
Price depend on quantities and Size.Price not includes for Installation Fee
Rp. 60 /cm square
Min. Order: 1 meter