3 Ways / Techniques of making Neon Boxes

To produce a good neon box and quality, durable and durable to the weather then we must understand the workmanship techniques for the neon box that we will make. Each type of material used in the work of neon box of course with varying prices.
In MahaMeru Bali neon box / company sign / glowing nameplate uses several ways / techniques:

  1. Neon box uses a special sticker neon box and acrylic milk. This technique uses a cutting machine to cut the sticker who generally have the color according to the pattern or designnya then stickers who have been cut is affixed to acrylic. Acrylic which has been pasted sticker then mounted on the framework of neonbox. This technique is commonly used for neon boxes that have simple color composition, color or no block color Photo fullcolor, color gradation. Such as an ATM box in a Bank.
  2. Neon box using frontlite backlite, nenon box uses backlite material with frontlite / vinyl Digital Print. The advantages of using this material we can print Full color with free design without any color restrictions and for installation is relatively easier that is by punching the frontlite to the frame of the signboard so no longer needed acrylic, the effect is also neon box is not too heavy. Backlite material is one side & double side, usually images printed in the opposite direction and use a large format outdoor printers that have Hi-Resolution print capabilities. Neon boxes that use techniques like this are for example the neon box for Billboard ads along the way.
  3. Neon box uses backlite film, neon box is using backlite material like mica which is usually called duratran. For this method still requires acrylic to attach backlite film in neonbox framework. Neon box with duratran material will look exclusive because the results such as photo and smooth surface.