Name and Type Paper for Printing

Name and Type Paper for Printing

In this article MahaMeru will provide information to distinguish some types of the term paper in the printing world (Printing) is often used. In the world of printing types and types of paper is very much and almost of every jenisnnya very difficult to distinguish.


The paper material is rather rough, generally used for Copy / Printer Deskjet.
This type of paper sold in many bookstores (eg: Sinar Dunia, Dunia Mas, paperone, Gold, etc.)

Gramasi commonly used 70 – 100 gsm

Art Paper & Art Carton

Paper material for brochures, because of its a semi gloss.
In addition to the slick, the results are also good, because the raster paper is smooth

  1. Artpaper :  100-150 gsm
  2. Art Carton : 210gr, 230gr, 260gr, 310gr, 360gr, 400 gsm

Duplex (coated)

This duplex material is easily distinguished from other materials. The front side is white, the back side is gray.
So printed only 1 side of the front, this material is widely used for box making. Because the price is relatively cheap compared to other materials.

Commonly used  250gr, 270gr, 310gr, 350gr, 400gr.

CWb / Duplex White

Just as the duplex is just the difference the inside is white, so it looks cleaner. Widely used for food boxes.

Commonly used is 230gr, 250gr, 300gr.


This ivory material is almost the same as art carton, 2 sides white, just the color are not pure white as art carton. Ivory just one side of the slick, like cwb just more subtle cwb. This material is also widely used for box cosmetic, because it is quite thick / sturdy.

Commonly used 210gr, 230gr, 250gr, 270gr, 300gr, 350gr.


Samson Kraft

Warna kertasnya coklat muda, bahannya daur ulang, permukaannya kasar.
Umumnya digunakan untuk kertas bungkus, namun karena kesannya klasik, jadi bahan ini juga banyak digunakan untuk pembuatan paperbag, hangtag, amplop folio,
karena warna dasarnya coklat, umumnya dicetak 1-2 warna aja.

Gramasi yang umum di gunakan 150gr , 220gr(kartoon).

Blush white / BC / Manila

This paper is texture, usually used for file folder, store card stock. There are various colors.


This jasmine material is widely used to make wedding invitations. The paper is rather glitter. Available various color options.