Differences Printer Type

The use of the printer is actually getting more and more reduced day, this is because more and more used to computer users to read and distribute documents in digital form such as PDF. However, that does not mean the printer is no longer needed, because there are still many things that can not be reached by digital data, therefore required digital data printing equipment in physical form.
Of the many brands and types of printers each have advantages and disadvantages in the printing process.

Some types of printers on the market include:

Dot Matrix Printer

This printer prints by tapping like a typewriter for its color using a ribbon. By using this printer, the prints can be directly coupled with carbon. Dot matrix is ​​the character forming system of a number of dots The dot matrix printer has elements consisting of needles that press the ribbon so that it can print on paper.

Although the current printer technology is increasingly sophisticated, but dot matrix printer is still produced. Because dot matrix printers can be used to print copy documents, which are usually used to create Continues Form, receipts, receipts, and other printed documents such as Stopmap, Envelopes, etc.
Advantages :
Can print multiple copies at once.
Can print a wide paper size.
The cost of the printer and ink is cheap
Dpi and low ppm
The motion is very slow
His voice is noisy while working
The resulting colors do not vary.

Thermal Printer

If you go to a supermarket or a supermarket even in stalls and stalls you will find this type of printer on the counter. The quality of thermal printers is almost the same as dot matrix, thermal printers use heat instead of tap or impact. The advantage of a thermal printer is less noisy and has a high speed, the disadvantage is having to use a special paper thermal (generally slippery surface and in roll form)

Buble Jet

This printer is still quite expensive. Although the image can be said to resemble a film printout. Currently, he is not yet able to print on large paper sizes so the size is also small. These printers can usually be used directly with cameras without computer intermediaries. Because in addition comes with a USB connector, it also comes with a card reader. Now also available portable photo printer that can also be used as a slide show.

Stable, respond and sound very soft.
Can be used directly with camera without computer intermediary

Deficiency :

Cartridges are expensive
Results stagnate when exposed to water


Ink Jet Printer

Ink Jet / Desk Jet printers that are available on the market today have the ability to print up to very large paper sizes, and with good quality. Inkjet prints by inserting one dot of color into the print field.


Dpi & ppm is higher than dot matrix
Easier to print images and colors
The ability to print to a wide paper with good quality


Can not print duplicate
Operational costs are more expensive if using the original catradge
Slower print performance of Laser jet jet
Inkjet printers use liquid ink. For great results use printer-only paper.

Jet Laser Printer

Laser printers are commonly used in companies to print black & white color documents. The price of this type of laser printer is still quite expensive when compared with a class of Ink jet.

The ability of a laser printer to print very quickly compared to an inkjet class printer. The price of laser printers is more expensive than inkjet, especially for colored A3 + or more color prints.

The way the printer works is similar to a photocopier, using a photographic drum, the difference in a photocopier’s shadow is focused on a rotating cylinder, while the laser shadow printer is created with dots per dot by a semiconductor laser. The resulting print quality in addition to fast is also very sharp and cost-effective ink. Laser printers are very suitable for those who print the frequency in large quantities. Suitable for Photocopy and Printing business. However, it does not close also for offices and home users.

Printer Interface

The printer can be connected to a computer in series with RS-232C or parallel with Centronic. But because the standard is not the world of computer technology and printer then to run a different printer with the type komputemya then can be used software.

Printer Plotter / Wide Format Printing

Plotter is one of its output equipment can print graph on surface paper, Vinyl, Sticker, and various other materials in large size with satisfactory results. Printer ploter is suitable for those who receive outdoor and indoor digital printing services such as banners, posters, stickers, cutting, etc.

DTG Printer (Direct to Garment)

DGT printers that generally exist in the local market of the homeland is one form of modification or development of the new printing world. This machine enthusiasts from the world of screen printing shirts that had been printing color manual now developed into printing digital shirts to be able to print t-shirts / shirts & fabrics directly without intermediaries (without transfer paper).

DTG printers make it easy for sellers of stocking shirts for distribution business. DTG printers now use modifications from Epson brand printers. The type of ink it uses is a kind of textile ink.

In addition to cotton, dtg direct to garment printer can also be used to print screen printing on towels, Satin, TC and wood.
The advantages of using DTG Printer are:

Can print Full color
The results of sharp and evenly screen printing with satisfactory colors
Results durable and can be washed many times as a result of manual screen printing
The fine prints seep into the fabric
Do not use transfer paper
No need to use a t-shirt press machine


The maintenance of the printer head is hard and tends to get clogged up if not cared for properly.
Printer ink prices are very expensive from screen printing inks
Selling price is much more expensive than manual screen printing for large quantities of production.