RGB vs CMYK Color Format

CMYK (Cyan Magenta Yellow Black)

CMYK Or Subtraction Primary color, this color is known as the color separation / four color separation used for print, where the colors are commonly used for printing purposes on various hard media such as for making Brochures, Books, Magazines, Cover CDs, Print T-Shirt etc…

Media that uses light reflections to produce color using subtractive color mix method. In the printing industry, to produce varied colors, subtractive primer colors are used: magenta, yellow and cyan in various sizes.

Mixture of yellow and cyan produce shades of green; Yellow mixture with magenta produces red shades, while magenta mix with cyan produces blue shades. In theory, the mixture of these three pigments in a balanced size will produce shades of gray, and will be black if they are fully saturated, but in practice the result tends to be a dirty brownish color. Therefore, it is often used the fourth color, which is black, in addition to cyan, magenta and yellow. The resulting color space is then called CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black). Black is called the “K” (key) of the term “key plate” in printing (a printing plate that creates artistic detail on an image, usually using black ink colors).

* So that the results we see on the same monitor with the print then must be adjusted first monitor for example by using adobe gama.

RGB (Red Green Blue)

RGB Or Additive Color, this color is usually used by computer monitor / TV. The resulting color comes from a combination of 3 colors and each has a value of 8 red bits, 8 bits of green and 8 bits for blue.

Tool / media that combines light emission to create color sensation using additive color system. Television is the most common. The primary colors of additives are red, green and blue. The mixture of red and green light colors, resulting in shades of yellow or orange. The mixture of green and blue produces shades of cyan, while the red and blue mixture yields purple and magenta nuances. The mixture with a balanced proportion of the primary additive color produces shades of gray; If all three colors are fully saturated, then the result is white. The color space / color model produced is called RGB (red, green, blue).