Pre-press Quality Checklist for graphic designers

MahaMeru Printing Bali preflight checklist for graphic designers makes it easy to send your artwork to print. It gives you confidence in knowing the final printed piece will meet or exceed your expectations, whether you’re printing business cards, stickers, or anything else. And, if you miss a step, don’t worry – our printing experts will perform the same checks. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, so your order is in good hands with MahaMeru Bali !

A good print quality checklist helps ensure your artwork looks as amazing on paper as it does on your computer screen. That’s why MahaMeru Bali  printing run your order through our 20-point print quality checklist before sending it to the press. Whether you’re printing on a digital or offset press, you can consult our graphic design print checklist to make sure your order is print-ready.

MahaMeru Bali pre-press quality checklist includes :

  1. Text and image safety check
    We check to make sure your text and images are within the safety lines so none of your design elements are cut off. No printing checklist is complete without this check!
  2. Bleeds and cut lines check
    We make sure backgrounds and edge elements are aligned wit the bleed and cut lines to ensure accurate cutting during the finishing process.
  3. Size compatibility
    We double check your artwork to ensure it’s in the size you select for your printed piece.
  4. Resolution in 300 DPI
    We confirm your artwork is rendered in 300 DPI (Dots Per Inch) resolution for clear, crisp printing. Lower resolutions will be grainy when printed.
  5. Borders check Eliminate double crop marks
    You do not need to use crop marks when printing with PsPrint. However, if you do, our prepress experts make sure your image is centered and cover the crop marks so they don’t show up on your final image.
  6. Convert to Rich Black
    We double check the solid black areas in your design and convert any 100% Black (K) into Rich Black: 50% Cyan (C), 40% Magenta (M), 40% Yellow (Y), and 100% Black (K). Black on its own will not result in a solid, saturated black color, but Rich Black is a mix of CMYK colors that produces a much darker, deeper black on the press than can be achieved by using black ink alone ( detail )
  7. Drop outs check
    We review your artwork for faded or eliminated color and copy, also known as drop outs.
  8. Watermark
    We carefully inspect your piece for watermarks – translucent logos in paper typically created to prevent counterfeiting.
  9. Check for proper orientation
    Printing folded and multi-panel pieces can sometimes be confusing when it comes to proper layout, especially for brochures and printing multi-page book lets. We make sure your images are oriented in the correct direction – not upside-down or backwards.
  10. Perforation and score safety check
    If your printed piece calls for perforations or scores, we check for proper placement.
  11. FPO file check
    If your project calls for die-cuts or foil stamps, or if you need hole drilling, scoring, or a perforation, we make sure your “For Placement Only” file is present prior to printing.
  12. Convert RGB to CMYK Color Format
    Since RGB color (Red, Green, Blue) are only good for monitor, RGB color format can result in a unsatisfactory print, we check to ensure your colors are compliant for the press and convert to CMYK ( Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) or 4 (four) color format.

If you want a professional print job that accurately represents your design and features colors that pop off the page, there’s only one way: our pre-press quality checklist ensures a beautiful print job every time. Print premium products with MahaMeru Bali Printing today!