Material Type Cutting Sticker

Many types of variations and forms in making cutting sticker, it is very determine the price of the cutting sticker, from the level of brightness of color, and the advantages, durability or durability of the product, until the adhesive power.
Kinds of sticker cutting in general there are 2 kinds of common in use, among others:

Sticker Reflective

Sticker material is able to reflect light on the darkness. At night this material does not need much light to be seen more clearly and brightly, this material is usually used for safety signs such as: Traffic signs, work sign especially needed until the night, although many vehicles that make safety sign to look elegant On cars and motorcycles.

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Material Ticker Basic

At night it does not look bright, which is usually used as a souvenir or branding shop sign or shop sign / company logo, but not a few who make it branding on a car vehicle as a company’s brand.

This ordinary material is dominated by a brand that is pretty good and widely used.