Customized Banners and Signs with Vibrant Color

Customized banners and signs that are professional and not overly pushy help target potential customers and show them how you can give them what they want. If designed well, banners establish credibility and innovativeness and give a distinctive face to your brand.

Easily and affordably increase revenues and boost your customer base by adding eye-catching, vibrant color banners to your marketing and branding strategy. During the busy holiday season, customers focus on finding the best products and services — and unique marketing will help your company stand out from the crowd.

Even in today’s digital age, banners and signs continue to be an excellent form of advertising. While digital ads are everywhere, banners and signs still remain one of the most effective ways of getting your brand noticed. They are unobtrusive and not bothersome like many TV, radio or internet pop up ads can be. Vinyl banners get right to the point with your message and the emotional connection you are trying to make with potential customers. In addition to being highly visible, banners are extremely cost effective and if cared for properly they can be used continually for a long period of time.

The colors and graphics you choose to use for your banner give your brand a particular personality, and individual colors all set different moods and send different messages to customers.

When choosing colors for your banner keep this in mind:

  1. Yellow is rich, optimistic and energetic color, yet when used in too big of doses it can be difficult on the eye. It is a powerful color, best balanced by blue or black.
  2. Orange stands out and attracts attention. It is a creative, friendly and youthful color.
  3. Red is bold and stimulating and also energetic and powerful, like yellow. It is shocking and carries with it a sense of urgency, especially for food, entertainment and retail.
  4. Purple is creative and luxurious, breaking away from the ordinary and inspiring ambition. It portrays qualities such as trustworthiness, dedication, expertise and credibility.
  5. Pink varies by shade, with bright, sharp shades making a strong impact by being striking and youthful, and softer shades being caring, wise and sentimental.
  6. Green signifies growth, nature, and prosperity. It is peaceful and calm and feels fresh. Great for bio, health and environment related companies.
  7. Blue is similarly peaceful, calm, tranquil and assuring. Deep, serious blues are good for tech companies, and most blues feel minimal, professional and soothing to the eye.
  8. Brown can create a relaxing, traditional feel and a sense of establishment. This classic, historical and luxurious color can be good for businesses in fashion or retail.
  9. Black is bold, confident and elegant. The color does well portraying a high sense of quality, intelligence, success and charisma.

Last of all, white is simple and pure. It is often associated with the healthcare industry, baby-products and tech companies with minimalistic advertising aesthetics. It is clean, spacious and pleasing to the eye.
Carefully selecting the visual elements and colors of a banner or sign insure that you will gain the most value from your investment and more effectively reach your target audience.