Benefits custom notebook printing for your company branding

Notebook or notepad is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to record, collect and organise information effectively on a regular basis. Notepads are great helpers at home or at the office. If it fits to your pocket, backpack or bag, it could become your best friend. That’s why notepads are one of the best-printed products to promote your business.
Notebooks have many different uses and benefits that might not be immediately apparent. The potential user has the practical benefits of a notebook while offering companies the opportunity to advertise their brand and message to a target audience.
Notebooks were widely used in ancient times. The earliest form of notebooks were known as ”hypomnema”. They served as memory aids which could be used to record quotes, thoughts and reflections, experiences or notes on texts. A wide variety of information could be collected, organised and reflected upon at a later date. Centuries later, it is still hard to imagine everyday life without these practical little books. Digitalisation has not fundamentally altered this fact, although the options available today are now much more versatile.

In the following sections, I would like to highlight the advertising possibilities our notebooks offer customers and the diverse ways they can be used.

Areas of application

For creative people, a notebook is an indispensable tool for intellectual work. A notebook is one of the easiest ways to record ideas using a pen and paper. Illustrators, graffiti artists, architects and tattoo artists use notebooks as sketchbooks or blackbooks to put their first drafts on paper. Musicians and composers also use notebooks to jot down sudden inspiration for song texts or melodies as quickly as possible. For writers, authors and journalists the writing process is often lengthy. During preparation, it is essential to put together various notes, comments and inspiration – here is where the notebook really comes in handy.

Of course there are many other uses for notebooks. For example, young people at school and university need to record extensive information for tasks and projects. Notebooks with blank pages can be used as a scribbling pads. Another way to use your notebook is as a day book to make notes of business transactions which can be subsequently added to books of original entry and ledgers. When planning big events, such as weddings and exhibitions, it is also important to maintain an overview, so the compact size of notebooks is perfect to use when you are out and about. There are countless ways to use your notebooks including: recipe books for personal, culinary highlights, resort guest books branded with a corporate design or creative notebooks can be sold as merchandise.

The notebook is primarily used in the modern business world. A quick glance around offices, workshops practices and studios reveals that a large number of employees regularly use notebooks. Used for everyday notes or during meetings and appointments – the notebook is the perfect personal companion for every well-organised employee.

In the age of digital communication and information, the desire for real, tactile experiences is growing. So it is no surprise that in the IT and high-tech industry, in particular, people are once again using classic notebooks during meetings in favour of laptops and tablets. This print product offers enough potential to satisfy the desires of the digital age. Take advantage of this opportunity.

Custom print notebooks – The daily reminder for your target audience

As we established in the last paragraph, notebooks offer the opportunity to spark emotions in the user. This occurs before they even use the notebook. The recipient perceives the notebook as a sign of respect and that their patronage is valued. This leads to a psychological phenomenon, called the principle of reciprocity, within the customer relationship. The principle of reciprocity describes the human tendency to give back when something is received. The customer gives you their valuable attention and patronage, because they feel valued upon receiving a gift.

We will now specifically consider the use of notebooks as a means of advertising. For the promotion of sales, their effect is extremely varied, for example, notebooks make an attractive welcome gift and can break the ice at an introductory meeting. Those who offer abstract products like, financial products, insurance, advertising, can use branded notebooks to create an effect of reliability and increase a sense of tangibility and trust. These advertising materials can also achieve positive effects as giveaways or bonus gifts, and when given to customers they can create a bond or strengthen the relationship with the recipient. For those who want their own qualities to be experienced first-hand and in a tangible form, should consider giving notebooks to regular and new customers.

Branded notebooks carry a message that is constantly accessible to the target audience. From a marketing point of view, they are the perfect way to make your brand known. The following list introduces a few aims and uses.

  • Promotional campaigns
  • Customer loyalty
  • Company events
  • Trade fairs / exhibitions
  • Employee motivation
  • Sales activities
  • Sponsoring measures
  • Roadshows
  • Classic campaigns

Today we want to share several tips for those who are planning to design and print sticky notes or notepads. These tips are for both products and we hope they will help you!


1. The best size

As I mentioned in the intro, size is one of the most important factors. It depends when and where people are going to use them. In order to choose the best size, you should consider the types of customers that you’d like to target for your business. If your target customers are people who are always “on the go” like contractors, journalists or repair workers, it’s better to create a small notepad. If it’s for people who work at the office, it’s much better to choose a bigger one. Before printing, you first need to understand your target audience.

Here are examples of notepads sizes:

  • A4 (210 x 297 mm) portrait
  • A5 (148 x 210 mm) portrait
  • A5 (210 x 148 mm) lanscape
  • A6 (105 x 148 mm) portrait


2. Branding

The colour, font, logo and design details; all these contribute to how people perceive your company. By using the same design elements on all products, you strengthen your association to these elements. You need to use the main contact details like the address, phone number and e-mail; the manner in which they are designed and packaged can give your business a distinct marketing edge.


3. Paper

All your products should be easy and comfortable to use. So, it’s better to use high-grade, professional 70 – 80 gsm uncoated paper for the notepads. It is extraordinary with a great opacity, meaning this paper gives outstanding print results and writing properties. For a guaranteed environmentally friendly impression you can use our great natural and recycled paper. All of our notepads are provided with a grey cardboard back.
Our lightweight sticky notes are printed on white uncoated paper and you can also add a softcover or a hardcover to them. With all of our paper options you assure the best quality and they can be handed out to customers, clients and employees, at conventions and trade shows, and even mailed to homes.


4. Creativity

Conventional sticky notes and notepads are good for printing. It’s easy. However, from a marketing side, minimal design products are unattractive, but it’s easy to change that. You can print them with your business contact details; the manner in how they are designed and packaged can leave a particularly memorable impression. A creative, different or even humorous design could lure people to show the products to other people. You can add something extra to the sticky notes or notepads. For example, you could select hole punching on the left hand edge of the notepads. So you can file away the single notes into our ring binders for example. You can also select, on which side you want us to glue bind the notepads. By choosing the hardcover for our sticky notes, you also get page markers in five different colours. They are really useful to tag important information in books or brochures.


5. Lines, grid lines or a blank space?

The last, but also very important question: lines, grid lines or a blank space? If you’re still wondering whether it’s important take a notepad or sticky notes and try to make a list on a blank page. It’s much easier on a notepad with lines or boxes.

The lines are great for lists, which may then be carried around and used. A blank space is great for designers working with designs.

Grid lines could be helpful for engineers, designers and people working in the home construction industry. Whichever option you choose, just be sure to keep your designs to the edges of the paper so there is plenty of space for people to write and draw.