Deference between Vector and Bitmap Image

Vector Image

Is a digital image based on mathematical equations. Vector images are generally smaller in size than bitmap images. Some vector image formats include: .CDR, .AI, .SVG, .EPS, and etc.

Vector images combine the dotted lines to become an object, so that the image does not become broken even if it is enlarged or reduced, unlike the Bitmap image.

Bitmap Format

Is a representation of a graphical image consisting of the arrangement of dots stored in computer memory. Developed by Microsoft and the value of each point preceded by one bit of data for black and white images, or more for color images.

The density of dots is called resolution, indicating how sharply the image is displayed, indicated by the number of rows and columns, for example 1024×768.

To display a bitmap image on a monitor or print it on a printer, the computer translates this bitmap to a pixel (on screen) or ink point (on a printer). Some of the popular bitmap file formats are BMP, PCX, TIFF. JPEG, GIF, etc.